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Custom Framing

We have hundreds of custom framing options available, and we’re here to help you find the one that makes your artwork shine.

Bring in your prints, photographs, canvas prints, sports jerseys or mementos for a free framing consultation and estimate. No appointment necessary. 

We will help you find a look that fits your artwork, style and budget perfectly.

We also offer same-day framing for those moments when you need your art framed fast.

Browse products, frames and mat-board which are available through our supplier Larson Juhl.

Choosing the right glass.
Protect your artwork from Ultra-Violet (UV).

Without at least 97% UV protection, framed pieces will age and fade more rapidly.  Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to severe color loss, paper embrittlement and deterioration of framed pieces. These effects are both cumulative and irreversible. The materials that make up the piece, the paper or fabric on which the image is displayed, may become brittle.


Photos may appear yellow or stained with ghostly silver deposits rising to the surface. Once damage from light has occurred, it can never be reversed. That’s why it is important to understand what you can do to minimize this type of damage before it happens.

Ask your framer for more details.

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